[debops-users] struggling with nginx role

Jan Kowalsky jankow at datenkollektiv.net
Sun Mar 25 15:14:31 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I'm struggling with the debops nginx role. Maybe someone can help.


If I just leave everything as default, I end up with an
welcome-configuration where nginx on 443 is listen only for ipv6:

   listen [::]:443 ssl http2;

While I read somewhere that it should be sufficient to have on
ipv6only=off statement, it doesn't work for me (with nginx 1.10.3-1+deb9u1).

If it's like

  listen [::]:443 ssl http2 ipv6only=off default_server;

it work's with ipv4 only. Maybe it's nginx bug - but anyway it would be
better to add the ipv6only also to ssl configuration.


I tried to define an server with:

  - name: [ 'nginxtest.cont0.dknuser.de' ]
    enabled: true
    delete: false
    ssl: true

and get the following error.

TASK [debops.nginx : Create global webroot directories if allowed]
task path:
changed: [nginxtest.example.org] => (item={u'ssl': True, u'enabled':
True, u'name': [u'nginxtest.cont0.dknuser.de'], u'delete': False}) =>
{"changed": true, "failed": false, "gid": 0, "group": "root", "item":
{"delete": false, "enabled": true, "name":
["nginxtest.cont0.dknuser.de"], "ssl": true}, "mode": "0755", "owner":
"root", "path": "/var/www/html/sites/nginxtest.cont0.dknuser.de/public",
"size": 0, "state": "directory", "uid": 0}
fatal: [nginxtest.example.org]: FAILED! => {"failed": true, "msg": "The
task includes an option with an undefined variable. The error was:
'ansible.utils.unsafe_proxy.AnsibleUnsafeText object' has no attribute
'name'\n\nThe error appears to have been in
line 3, column 3, but may\nbe elsewhere in the file depending on the
exact syntax problem.\n\nThe offending line appears to be:\n\n\n- name:
Create global webroot directories if allowed\n  ^ here\n\nexception
type: <class 'ansible.errors.AnsibleUndefinedVariable'>\nexception:
'ansible.utils.unsafe_proxy.AnsibleUnsafeText object' has no attribute

What do I wrong?
Best regards

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