[debops-users] New DebOps release: v0.7.0

Maciej Delmanowski drybjed at drybjed.net
Sun Feb 11 23:12:26 CET 2018

Hello everyone,

Today I released a new DebOps version, v0.7.0. This mail describes the new
release and gives some notes about the next one. Enjoy.

New DebOps release

The DebOps v0.7.0 version has been released. You can find it on:

GitHub: https://github.com/debops/debops/releases/tag/v0.7.0
PyPI:   https://pypi.python.org/pypi/debops/0.7.0

You can also install the new scripts by running the command:

    pip install --upgrade debops

Afterwards, you can download the updated roles and playbooks by executing the


You can find the brief Changelog in the DebOps documentation page:


Complete, detailed changelog can be viewed using the 'git log' command.

The DebOps documentation has a separate page which details important changes
from previous release in the Ansible inventory or on the remote hosts which
you might need to perform manually:


This release was done mostly to test the new release process and try out new
distribution method of the DebOps playbooks and roles using the signed Python
packages. Unfortunately, it looks like the latter test already failed since
I wasn't able to execute the DebOps playbook using only Python package
contents; using the playbook the "old" way, via 'debops-update' script, still
works. Hopefully Python package will be fixed soon.

The Python packages available on PyPI, as well as the tarballs available on
GitHub are now properly signed with my GPG key, therfore they should be easier
to authenticate. The git repository of course contains signed tags and commits,
as well. You can get my GPG key from the OpenPGP keyserver network using the

    gpg --keyserver hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net \
        --recv-keys 27067A91D620EE91D50309D92DCCF53E9BC74BEC

Some interesting statistics: since v0.6.0 release on 21th October 2017 DebOps
monorepo grew with 1068 new commits. Here's the breakdown of commit authors
between the two releases, excluding merges:

   340  Maciej Delmanowski
   278  Robin Schneider
   134  Reto Gantenbein
    23  Norbert Summer
    19  Markus Wigge
     8  Fabio Bonelli
     8  Petr Gajdůšek
     7  Lee Garrett
     6  joh6nn
     4  Gaudenz Steinlin
     3  Gábor Udvari
     3  Jonathan Struebel
     3  Stefan G. Weichinger
     2  Alexy Gavrilov
     2  Alin Alexandru
     2  David Martin
     2  Sam Pablo Kuper
     1  Alan Jenkins
     1  Aleksey Gavrilov
     1  Antoine Delvaux
     1  Evilham
     1  Florian Rinke
     1  Gardouille
     1  James Hohman
     1  Jonathan Dowland
     1  Mathieu MD
     1  Pedro Luis López Sánchez
     1  Scott Saunders
     1  Steffen Lindner
     1  Stuart Mumford
     1  Sunny Wu

Very big thank you to everyone that participated in the development of the
v0.7.0 release, and I hope to see your PRs next time!

Plans for the next DebOps release

There's still a long road ahead before the first stable release, v1.0.0.

For the next DebOps release, apart from fixing the aformentioned issue with the
DebOps package, I want to focus on cleaning up Python and shell scripts, as
well as YAML files in the repository. At the moment the DebOps test suite on
Travis CI performs linter tests on these files using respectively, pycodestyle,
shellcheck and yamllint; however due to the massive number of errors reported
by these tools, their test results are completely ignored. Until these arrors
are fixed, the test results from the linters will be useless, so it's better to
handle this now than leave it unresolved for ages.

Anybody who wants to help with that is of course invited to do so. You can see
current test results on Travis CI here:


After installing the needed programs, you can perform these tests locally using
the 'make test' command. This will test everything in the DebOps monorepo,
including Docker image builds, Sphinx documentation, etc. You can see all of
the available tests by running the 'make help' command in the root of the
DebOps monorepo.

Another area of interest for the next release is integration of the roles
imported from the 'debops-contrib' organization on GitHub. These roles are
currently in the 'ansible/debops-contrib.*/' subdirectories in the DebOps
monorepo and proper integration with the rest of the playbook is pending; if
you are interested in using a particular role and want to lend a hand, please
do so - pull requests welcome.

As always, there's still lots of documentation missing on the documentation
page. The stub sections will hopefully be filled before the next release a bit
better, and more of the old documentation will be moved into a new place in
the new one. Stay tuned.

I will be on a short winter break during the next week, the work on DebOps
will resume after that.

Thanks everyone and have fun,
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