[debops-users] common playbook and disable ferm

Jan Kowalsky jankow at datenkollektiv.net
Sat Nov 4 00:44:28 CET 2017

Hi all,

I'm new on the list and quite new to debops. But already i can say: it
seems to be a great tool for our purposes. Step by step I begin to
understand the main concept. While I first thougt the predifined
playbooks won't help us a much I found there are reasonable predifined
configurations. So there is definitely a benefit of using the common

However, what doesn't fit to our needs is the default ferm firewall as
we use either firewalls on decidedly hosts or other firewall tools

In documentation and older mailing list posts I found the following
configuration possibilities:

ferm: False
ferm__enabled: False

The ferm: False doesn't work for me at all. The ferm_enabled: False
still installs ferm and generates rules but doesn't activate them.

So my question: is there any possibility to use the common (and other)
playbook without ferm and disable it completely?

Thanks and Regards

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