[debops-users] Redesign of the Postfix role and DebOps mail stack

Maciej Delmanowski drybjed at drybjed.net
Sun Aug 13 21:37:04 CEST 2017

Hello everyone.

In case you don't know already, I plan to redesign the 'debops.postfix' role
from the ground up. Current set of changes can be checked out in
a pull-request:


The goal is to reorganize the DebOps mail stack so that the 'debops.postfix'
role only manages the Postfix configuration files, but not everything else
- that would be done by other Ansible roles which use 'debops.postfix' as an
API. I want to move most of the configuration that current 'debops.postfix'
role supports into a new Ansible role, 'debops.postconf'. It would provide
a way to control what a given Postfix instance does akin to existing "Postfix

The new 'debops.postfix' role is not compatible with the old one, and existing
setups will probably break if not taken care of. You should review your current
Postfix configuration and implement it using the new Ansible inventory
variables. If you find out any issues, let me know in the PR so that they could
be fixed before the final release.

There are other DebOps roles that currently use 'debops.postfix' as
a dependency. These will also be updated along so that they work with the new
infrastructure in place:

- debops.mailman: https://github.com/debops/ansible-mailman/compare/master...drybjed:postfix-update

- debops.smstools: https://github.com/debops/ansible-smstools/compare/master...drybjed:postfix-update

- debops.dovecot: changes are not public yet, but I'll probably refresh the
  whole documentation along as well

There will be also new roles added to the stack:

- debops.opendkim: https://github.com/debops/ansible-opendkim
  The role is not yet part of DebOps, since it relies on changes in 'debops.postfix'.

- debops.postconf: as mentioned above, it will be a general-purpose
  configuration role which will re-implement the existing "Postfix capabilities".
  Role not yet written.

- a SPF policy role, not yet written

- a OpenDMARC role, not yet written

Other anti-spam features will be added at a later time.

Due to how current DebOps development process works, I want to have all of the
roles that depend on 'debops.postfix' updated before the main PR is merged.
When new 'debops.postfix' redesign is finally released and tagged, other
Ansible roles will be able to test it properly on Travis-CI and will be
released as well. It would be great for concerned users to test the
'debops.postfix' changes now to find out and fix any issues that might arise.
If you find anything, let me know.

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