[debops] Philosophical design usage of debops

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 17:30:16 CEST 2015

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 11:38 AM, Maciej Delmanowski <drybjed at drybjed.net> wrote:
> On Sep 07, Hendrik Visage wrote:
>> Examples/Guides/How-tos for making own playbooks etc.
>> (Not trying to be critical, but just explaining my "fun" today :) )
>> examples of playbooks that will "run". ie.
>> I have this playbook:
>> <code>
>> #The file used to bootstrap anything specific that we'll need
>> ---
>> - hosts: all
>>   sudo: yes
>>   roles:
>>     - role: bootstrap-hv
>>     - role: debops.docker
>>       tags: [ 'role::docker' ]
>> </code>
>> running with: "debops bootstrap -l dev-hv2 --ask-sudo-pass"
> I'm not sure what exactly happened here, did you create a "bootstrap.yml"
> playbook with above contents and tried to use it with above command?

Correct, I started (before I stumbled on debops) with a bootstrap
playbook of my own to setup things from a clean/template I can then
just clone and run things on as need be. (I've actually renamed the
playbook & role to bootstrap-hv, I just pasted the old commandline ,
sorry my bad)

> Just a heads up - 'debops.docker' role relies on DebOps-managed environment, for
> example 'debops.core' role variables are used to mange common directory paths
> and facts about nameserver/search configuration in /etc/resolv.conf are used
> to configure Docker; 'debops.pki' environment is used to handle variables.
> Above playbook would work fine if you apply it on a host that already has been
> configured by DebOps, but you might get issues otherwise.

So I first have to run debops's debops.bootstrap role before I attempt
the debops.docker, correct?

> OK, I see the issue. Support for 'ferm' was disabled so it was not installed,
> but without it patch cannot be applied because the init script is missing.
> Good catch, I'm going to move the patch-related tasks to separate file and add
> a condition on it to only do the patching if 'ferm' is enabled.

 I might enable the ferm stuff a tad laters, but these specifics I are
all behind firewalls, and I actually need sshguard rather than ferm :s

/me will add sshguard as a part of the initial bootstrap packages

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