[debops] debops-defaults -> cat instead of vi(m) defaults output

Maciej Delmanowski drybjed at drybjed.net
Mon Sep 7 11:56:49 CEST 2015

On Sep 07, Hendrik Visage wrote:
>  Having some "pains" with debops-defaults on MacOSX
> but the way how those sudo in there works, it doesn't have the
> information about the redirection, so it again fires off vi(m).
> Perhaps a commandline argument??

'debops-defaults' is a silly hack anyway, just cat some files together...
Perhaps it's time to get some proper conversion from contents of
'docs.debops.org' to either real manuals or some other format that's friendly
in the terminal environment and can be generated from .rst files... Maybe
info? That would be pretty old school...


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