[debops] Philosophical design usage of debops

Maciej Delmanowski drybjed at drybjed.net
Mon Sep 7 10:56:37 CEST 2015

On Sep 07, Hendrik Visage wrote:
>> If you want to disable Postfix (default SMTP server) in the main DebOps
>> playbook completely, you can set 'postfix: False' in the Ansible inventory.
>> For example, to disable it by default on all hosts, create file
>> 'ansible/inventory/group_vars/all/postfix.yml' and inside put:
>>     ---
>>     postfix: False
> Could you perhaps add (or point me to) the list of those variables to
> enable/disable the various options?

At the moment variables like these are only uncluded in roles that used by the
'common.yml' playbook, to make it easier to disable roles that are not wanted
without the need to modify the playbook.

Variables are named after roles they control, ie. 'postfix', 'ferm', 'pki',
and so on. Due to the Ansible issue
https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/12249 I'll will most likely have to
change this scheme to something more specific, like 'ferm_enabled', or even
drop the variables in present form and perhaps use new "tags" list from
'debops.core' to make that more controllable. I haven't decided yet, we will

> I'll highlight those as I get to them... will need to do docs too :(
> Perhaps an authenticated etherpad to add things as I work with them
> would help to add as I work and then to show what needs to be
> documented further?

Hmm, perhaps... *.debops.org certificate is now available so I guess an
Etherpad instance could be set up, as a proof of concept. Just need to check
if current role works.


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