debops-defaults -> cat instead of vi(m) defaults output

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at
Mon Sep 7 05:00:08 CEST 2015

Hi there,

 Having some "pains" with debops-defaults on MacOSX

1) by default, I get this output by running just "debops-defaults":
^@#^@ ^@M^@a^@n^@a^@g^@e^@ ^@A^@P^@T^@ ^@p^@a^@c^@k^@a^@g^@e^@

2) okay, I *can* do "debops-defaults | cat" to have it display
properly, however, if I want to run it inside dtrace, I can on;y do it
(for the user) like:

sudo dtruss -f -t open sudo -u $USER debops-defaults | cat

but the way how those sudo in there works, it doesn't have the
information about the redirection, so it again fires off vi(m).

Perhaps a commandline argument??

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