Philosophical design usage of debops

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at
Sat Sep 5 21:19:39 CEST 2015

Hi there,

 So, debops,org have a set of "default" playbooks, with variab;s/etc.
that, based on the groups a server is inserted in, gets that server's
debops based configurations installed.

1) how can I disable ie. all email sending (in my cases, I'll have a
different HTTPS based server reporting so no emails to be send out)?

2) When I need to add extra and custom roles, what is the "debops way"
of integrating them?
ie. will I have a project.yml playbook that includes/runs the various
debops playbooks like site.yml?
 or do I do those in separate project.yml playbooks?

3) How is an "ansible-playbook project.yml" different from a  "debops
project.yml" execution for a "pure" ansible playbook?

Sorry to ask the newbie questions <blush>


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